countertop design


More people are becoming interested in having a stone as a dominant element in their space, think of a kitchen or a table in the meeting room. Crystal countertops create that extravagant and luxurious ambience within a room. Not only are they visually beautiful, they also have health benefits. 


Crystals have been used for many decades for several reasons: it has been used to display status, wealth and power, but also as beautiful decorative ornaments and as a healing tool for spiritual purposes. 

Even if the scientific effects are still debated, people are using it to encourage love, healing in mind and body and to restore energy fields. 

Each stone has its own specifications and therefore its own functions and methods to work with.

Studio Stone World will explore together with the customer which stone fits their personality and lifestyle (e.g. which one is easier to clean). Have a look on our sample library to see which stones we offer. 


Our primarily focus is to select the most high quality crystals that are ethically sourced and environment friendly. We custom create whatever you desire in whichever space you want! Think of bathroom (bath tub, basins, shower, tiles), kitchen (sink, countertop, tiles, dining table) etc. 

Have a look on our inspiration page!