modular pool design


Now a days we are more and more concerned with our health, and a healthy way of life. Ecological swimming pools don’s contain chemical substances and are healthier for our selfs but also for the wild life surrounding your pool.  Studio Stone World creates modulair pools that are eco-friendly. Not only can you take a dive to refresh without having allergies, they also are the perfect ecosystem for animals. Do you already have a pool and want to switch to an ecological pool, we supply modulair ecological filter systems. Contact us for more information.



We create pools in 2 different sizes. 1200x250x140cm and 600x250x140cm. Because we use a modulair structure we can create a swimming pool in less than 2 weeks. You can even custom the modular swimming pools to your own wishes. Starting price for the pools are €19.800,-
Our pools can be integrated in the ground ore placed above. We guide the whole project for you. From A till Z, to make all your wishes come true.



Design your garden with us and create your ecological pool to have the best garden experience during all seasons! 


Hi, let me introduce myself, I am Colin, i am your contact person concerning modular projects. If you have any questions ore ideas you want to run by, please feel free to contact me.


Starting prices:

Casco modular pool S 600x250x140cm.    €8.800,-

Casco modular pool L 1200x250x140cm.   €19.800.-

Modular pool S with basic filter                   €12.600,-

Modular pool L with extensive filter.           €24.800,-

Modular pool S with ecological filter.         €18.800,-

Modular pool L with ecological filter         €27.800,-

Modular pool S with heatpump add*.         €3500,-

Modular pool L with heatpump add*.         €6500,-

*heat pumps can be combined for chemical filters as well for ecological filters